September Update

Chris has been referred to ENT specialists for possible chronic sinusitis which was picked up on a recent MRI.

This could explain his face pain, the the increase in head pressure when leaning foward, his snoring, and possibly the increase in head pain recently.

He has been taking migradol suggested for treatment of chronic headaches and migraines for approximately six weeks now, and has seen no change in frequency or intensity.

We have been having monthly visits from his occupational therapist who is very thorough with talking over everything Chris may need regarding referals and appointments, as well as alternative treatment and future planning.

Chris has been trying to get active, but motivation is hard to come by when you constantly have a headache, or no energy.

It was suggested to take migradol for 2 months and then review, which then his neurologist suggests another medication to try. It is very disheartening for Chris to be put on so many failed medications, or have tests come back with no answers as to why he lives in pain. It’s a long road he is travelling, and as time passes he wonders about if he will always be like this.

We try to look at the positive, and hope for a more active, and low pain future, and as always, time will tell. Thank you for reading our updates on Chris, we wish you all well.

Click here to read up on symptoms of meningitis as we are in its season.

You can read a little about Chris’s fight with meningitis here.

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  1. Gigi Ewing says:

    Love you Chris and Keats! You are always in my prayers!


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