Fundraising for a cause

I want to talk about the different ways you can fundraise for a cause. This is also helpful for me to brainstorm as I would love to raise money for the meningitis foundation NZ in the future.

Marathons/fun runs

Competing in a marathon and getting others to sponsor you is a great way to raise funds for a cause.

You could also run your own event, selling tickets to compete in a 5k run with proceeds going towards your chosen cause.

Bracelet sales

If the cause or charity you are fundraising for has their own awareness bracelets, you could sell those on their behalf to raise funds.

Bake sales

Baking is a great way to raise funds, and a yummy way too! Get a group together to run a bake sale, if you have a stall at a fair make sure you get all the permits you need to sell food.

Skills class

If you acquire a certain skill set that you could teach others, this is a great way to raise funds. Door or ticket sales will raise funds for your cause, and participants get to be involved in something fun and while giving to charity.

Eg. Running a dance/fitness class, beginners karate, art, ect. There is so many options!


If you are musically inclined you could play to raise funds, or call local bands to see if they would donate their time to help raise money for a cause.

Raffle sale

There are many options for raffle sales, like getting people to donate items to raffle off, or upscaling to raffling holidays. All depends on your budget, and target audience.

Collecting in stores

Contact the charity you are raising for to see if they would like some help collecting money in stores, they often have charity days like this and need volunteers to hold buckets.

Text to give

Set up a text number that sends donations through to a certain charity.

Selling tshirts

Some charities have pre designed shirts to sell to raise funds and awareness that you could help sell. If it is your own cause, you could design and print shirts to sell, just be aware of how much it costs to print each shirt, and where you can keep the merchandise before sales start. There is also the option of ordering after a number of sales has been made to ensure you are getting the right number of shirts.

If there are any other ways you can think of to fundraise please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading friends, hope to see you next time!

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  1. Hosting a quiz night is also a great idea. I am hoping my local pub will host a quiz night on our behalf for Tiny Lives in memory of Silver. Pay to enter and then a small cash prize for the winner, the rest goes to the charity and you could always do a raffle alongside it!

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    1. Keara Kat says:

      Such a good idea! I hope it goes well for you


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