No swimming after meningitis???

I have seen a lot of people advised that they should not be swimming after meningitis.

Many people have been told different reasons why they should not swim, by others or their doctor. I’ve compiled a small list of some of those reasons.


There’s always a chance of picking up bacteria, or viruses from the water while swimming, those who are immunocompromised such as meningitis survivors are more susceptible, and theres always a chance those bacteria could cause meningitis.


Those who suffer seizures post meningitis will likely be advised by their doctors not to go swimming for a specific amount of time, or at least always be supervised while swimming.


Swimming can also cause migraines or headaches for a number of issues such as the block of sinuses, bright lights, tight cap or goggles, water being trapped in the ear, and dehydration. There is also exercise headaches caused by exertion which is common in meningitis survivors.

Parasitic meningitis

Amoebic meningitis is caused by poorly treated water, geothermal pools, or warm fresh water being forced up the nose. This is a rare occurrence and can not spread person to person. This type of meningitis is deadly, so it is always advised to keep your head above water in geothermal pools.

Vestibular dysfunction

Because balance and coordination can be impaired by the side effects of meningitis, swimmers could become disoriented in water, especially when other senses are impaired. If swimming, they should always be accompanied by another to watch for signs of distress in water.

Swimming can be a great way to get low impact exercise, especially since meningitis survivors tend to be very sensitive to touch, and fast movements. You should always be accompanied while swimming, it is advised to keep your head above water when swimming, or wear earplugs while swimming laps. As always consult your doctor as they will know what is vest for your after care, and be aware you are entitled to a second opinion if you feel your concerns aren’t being met.

Thanks for reading friends, look forward to seeing you next time.

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