Drunk or Brain Injury?

Can you tell the difference?

Which of these symptoms belong to those with a brain injury and which to an intoxicated person?


Slurred speech



Repetition of words or actions

Sense of euphoria


Droopy eyelids

Blank look on face

Lack of focus

Inappropriate language

Difficulty speaking

Sensitive to light or sounds


What did you put in each category? Check the results below

How did you do? Not so easy is it! I must add that every brain injury is different and that injury effects them differently too. Some people may appear to have no symptoms at all, but you may never see their internal struggle. Others may seem fine, but as the day goes on and their battery drains, they may show some of these symptoms such as slurred speech, or droopy eyes. Fatigue brings out more of the symptoms, and so does stress. Some people with a brain injury have trouble regulating emotion or differentiating appropriate language. Anger is common as it is a struggle to battle with your own brain, let alone trying to explain it to someone else.

The purpose of this comparison is to bring awareness to those who may jump to the conclusion that someone is publicly intoxicated when displaying some of these symptoms, when infact they may have a brain injury. 99 New Zealanders sustain a brain injury every day. That’s a huge amount! We need more compassion and understanding in this world and awareness is a great way to start!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you learned something! Look forward to seeing you back here next time.

If you would like to read my husbands story about how he obtained an aquired brain injury you can read that here.

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  1. craig lock says:

    Reblogged this on Living With Head (Brain) Injury and commented:
    Why I don’t drink much, as this “zombie” even get “tipsy” on winegums , as he “sleep-walks through life”* !
    “the nurse”



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